New Infidel plan

An engineer friend is involved in a  group of western technically sharp people that is far advanced in the  process of

developing some software that is going to upset muslims in every corner of the world. He was invited to attend and join

their technical meetings laying the foundation for this movement. These visionaries have decided that without technical

assistance, belief in islam is going to continue to subject society to many more years of ignorance and violance against

others.  Having noticed what stuxnet has been able to accomplish, this group is going to design and  release a radically

different software or virus that is going to spread unopposed via the internet  installing itself on computers and cell

phones worldwide. However, it’s purpose will be to spread the true history of mohammed  and islam in popups, not the fairy

tales the  imams preach. All the techniques of popup intrusive video and audio  ads are to be utilized to give quick moments on computer and cell

phones designed to reduce the islamic hold on people. It will in effect, proselytize believers to doubt their religion.

Using sublimal video messages,and tested brainwashing techniques, it is going to reduce belief in islam drastically, and

they will not realize it is happening. Indoctrination of users to laugh at cultural icons, pick up the latest pop lyrics,

want the latest clothes, and impress on them that having a girlfriend or boyfriend is absolutely natural are going to

change muslim cultures rapidly to their leaders dismay. Teams of dedicated translators are setting up the various

lancguages for the popups, starting with arabic,hindi, persian, Urdu, french and english to cover europe as well as the

middle east for openers. All middle east languages are to be addressed, and western languages too, to cover the second and

third generation immigrants.

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